Does Jogging Make You Lose Weight?

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When was the last time that you asked yourself “does jogging make you lose weight?” If it has been awhile then you are probably running on empty. Jogging, like any other activity demands that you expend more energy than you bring in, and when you run you are burning a lot of calories. If you have been inactive for some time, then your metabolism has probably slowed down and you are losing calories at a higher rate than you would expect. It’s a good idea to start jogging again if you want to lose weight.

does jogging make you lose weight

First, ask yourself if you are willing to commit to jogging. Don’t just set off running one day and go for it; you need to plan out a regular schedule of runs. You also need to be willing to increase the distance you are jogging and increase your speed. This means not going to the same route forever. If you don’t like running, you will find it very difficult to continue.

Next, find a good pair of running shoes. These can be very expensive, but if you are serious about jogging then you will get a good shoe. You will probably need to try on several pairs before finding the pair that is comfortable and meets your needs. There are also many manufacturers of specialized shoes for jogging.

Finally, you need to find some good running clothes. There are a number of different styles of jogging clothes available, but you will want to wear them for at least one or two months before you begin to lose weight. During this time, you can usually wear the same type of clothing all the time. If you change your running clothes often, then it won’t be such a big shock when you need to replace them.

If you have lost any weight, you may also want to change your diet. Jogging is a great way to lose some pounds, but you need to ensure that you aren’t eating more calories than you normally do. To help lose even more weight, you can do some strength training exercises in addition to jogging. This way, you can build muscle as well as burning fat.

Now that you understand the answer to the question “Does jogging make you lose weight?” you may be better able to judge if this type of exercise is for you. You can jog anytime you want, especially if you have a family who wants to join you in running. The important thing to remember is that this type of exercise requires that you really push yourself. Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, but it definitely is a great way to feel healthier and get in shape.